About my rent

We collect rent on behalf of your landlord Waltham Forest Council.

Your rent is used to maintain your home, your block and your estate. It is used to pay for all of the services we provide such as: your repairs, the cleaning and maintenance of your surrounding areas e.g. stairwells, corridors and open green spaces.

We also provide our residents with a 360 degrees rental service. We invite all new Ascham Homes tenants to discuss and sign their tenancy agreement. Our staff take rent payments, provide payment plans and offer solutions to those in arrears. We involve residents in shaping and improving the service through customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping and focus groups.

We will send you your rent statement every quarter however if you would like to keep a closer eye on your finances you can check your balance online or phone Income Services on 020 8496 4197 to discuss any concerns you have with your rent or service charge account.

The amount of rent payable by you under this agreement may be changed by the council.  In the event of this happening they are required to give you four weeks written notice. However, the council does not have to advise you in advance of any increase in your weekly rent which occurs because of an increase in service charges, which can include caretaking, grounds maintenance, communal lighting etc.

If you pay by Direct Debit, a letter detailing your revised instalments will be sent to you shortly. Please remember that if you pay by standing order, you will need to recalculate your payments and advise your bank of the increase in the instalment amount.

If you at present are in receipt of housing benefit, you must notify Income Services of all changes in the amount of Housing Benefit you receive. Upon notification, your payments will be adjusted to take account of the charge and details will then be sent to you.

If you are not receiving housing benefit and wish to claim, please contact the Benefits Section by telephoning 020 8496 4197 or claim housing benefit online.

If you are in doubt, please contact our Income Services who will support you through this process by telephoning 020 8496 4197.

Your rent is due one week in advance, on each Monday. However there is an option to pay every two weeks or monthly if this suits you better.

What services make up my rent

Net rent and some or maybe all of the following depending upon the property you live in and your personal situation: 

  • Water charges
  • Service charges
  • Heating
  • Home insurance.


Net rent

The net rent is the amount you pay for using your home. The council combines all the rent it receives and uses the money to maintain and manage its housing.

We work out the amount of net rent you pay using the government’s national formula:

  • The average council rent for all local authorities in England
  • The average earnings in your area compared with the national average earnings
  • The capital value of your property compared with the national average of a council property (valuations of property are on the open-market value at January 1999 prices)
  • The number of bedrooms in your property.


The formula calculates a “Target Rent” for each property. This target rent increases each year in line with inflation. At present the rent Waltham Forest charges is generally lower than other councils, however, we are slowly moving towards the target rent each year. Please be aware that rent is increased annually in April.  You will receive four weeks’ notice, prior to the increase. 

Water charges

We collect water charges for water companies, who set the amount charged each year.

Service charge

This charge is based on the cost of delivering the services used by you on your estate i.e. electricity, lifts and security entrances and the maintenance of communal areas such as caretaking and grounds maintenance (gardening and grass cutting).


If your home has a communal heating system, you will pay for heating with your rent.

Contents Insurance

The cost for your insurance can be included with your rent collection. You must remember to keep up to date with your payments otherwise you will not be covered.


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